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Sep 7, 2012 7:00pm EDT
simply american politics. i called it, being a critic, all the world's a stage for s. in march 2010, i wrote about a group of pundits and more internalized, eager not to see the us military leave iraq. that appeared on the op-ed page of "the los angeles times" and the longer version and then began pondering the media world. one of its stopped curiously enough with the military newspaper, stars & stripes. from a military man can miss e-mailed response, rager article in stars & stripes beard was the last time you visited iraq? a critique and 15 well-chosen words, so much more effective than the one angry e-mails i get. his point is interesting. at least it interested me. after less than wrote back in the senate 65 who had never been anywhere near him back in and and undoubtedly never would be. i have to assume that e-mailer had spent some time there possibly more than once and disagreed with my assessments. first-hand experiences not to be taken lightly. but after what do i know about iraq? only the reporting i've been able to read from thousands of miles away or analysis bounce in the b
Sep 21, 2012 7:00pm EDT
to as the risk program of them back to the 1980's. built upon that. >> de you recall sitting here today whether or not that legislation passed the call for higher reimbursement levels. as a major piece of legislation a large expansion since medicaid was first six tended, not up nickel of it was before. we voted against it and thought it was fiscally responsible for offering these higher reimbursement payments without any ability to pay for it to begin with. arguing for criticism and we're trying to reform that, cost savings, by the way, completely adopted in that budget. every one of my colleagues supported and voted for. now they're trying to have it both ways which is inexplicable to me. this school, i think you testified about the differences that there are between their plan that would privatize a premium support order be went to college with the existing medicare program. is there an important this tension to be made? >> seven time has expired. >> recognized for five minutes. >> in your testimony before the government reform committee in july and again today, you know that cm
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2